The Golden Leaf

Anytime you’re looking for Erika Diaz, you may find her prowling the thrift or second-hand stores and the estate/garage sales. With her natural artistic flare, backed by an Art College experience, she can be found looking for furniture that’s screaming for a facelift. “It’s amazing what people chuck out or forget what they’ve got tucked away in a corner of the basement” Erika asserts. For someone who knows how and who is happy to put in long hours of work, these forgotten pieces can be transformed from nondescript and boring to something neat, attractive and, sometimes funky.

Erika specializes in reclaiming, restoring and antiquing older furniture. “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure” she says. But that treasure needs a lot of time, talent and cash to bring it back into the spotlight. Much sanding, several coats of paint and some fine stencil work plus the final sanding for that distressed look is needed before “old is new again”. Of course Erika does not keep all the things she works on. Happy to accept commission work, she enjoys being in touch with people and revitalising their old favourites. Other than that she usually resells finished items through the internet, although occasionally a very special one which she just cannot part with can be found in a corner of her home. And when she runs out of something to refinish, she quickly moves to glass fusion work or painting on ceramic.

A busy lady and a talented one too!

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