Hi, I’m Erika Diaz

Owner of Artistic Creations

I have always enjoyed being creative; whether it’s been renovating and decorating a home, to painting ceramics, planting a garden, or re-finishing and distressing furniture. Creativity is an integral part of my nature; indeed as a young adult I attended Art College. But back then I was too young and not ready for a serious commitment to pursuing a career in the art field. Youth is wasted on the young as they say.

In the following years since Art College, I made a living by working in the oil industry, and recently working for the school board. However in my spare time, I would work on various art projects; distressing and painting furniture, creating mosaics, painting ceramics, melding glass in glass fusion, and attending workshops, most recently a workshop on painting wooden paddles. All of this further developed my skills in various art techniques. With each art project I learned something more and I received encouraging compliments on my creations! Today I eagerly anticipate working on the next piece; visualising it in my mind when I visit art web sites, thrift stores, garage sales and browse kijiji! My philosophy is that everywhere there is inspiration and something to purchase and transform.

They say life can come in full circle; years ago I remember telling myself that one day I would come back to my art in a more focused intentioned way. I feel that that day has come, and this decision is the genesis for Artistic Creations, my company. My intention is to create hand crafted items at a reasonable price that others will enjoy and use in their homes. Artistic Creations is an alternative to the inexpensively mass produced items that are ubiquitous in our daily lives.

I have created a gallery of my work to showcase my work. With each piece, I have written a brief story of what I did to create the end product. Understandably all the pieces took many hours as they are created and/or painted by hand. This webpage is one of the mediums I will use to advertise my work.  If you would like to get custom work done, please feel free to contact me, my portfolio/for sale page gives you an idea of what I can do.

On each page, I have a comment section, feel free to give any feedback, you can also find me on facebook; artisticcreations@erikadiaz

Thank you